Mazeh 9 seeks to support and promote young creators in all disciplines. This includes allowing actors to hold rehearsals and sessions free of charge in the Wallach Studio located on the third floor. Our aim is to enable actors and creators to develop their works in an accessible and convenient space in downtown Tel Aviv without having to spend any money (we know that money is not your strongest suit).

Wallach Studio

The Fine Print

  • The number of space reservations is limited. Up to four events can be reserved up to two months in advance – but no more than ten times a year. 
  • Use is for up to three hours, which includes setting up and dismantling/cleaning up time. Maximum frequency: once a week for three hours each time.
  • Cancellation of a reserved space must be made at least one week prior to the planned event.
  • Mazeh 9 reserves the right to refuse an event that includes content or elements that are incompatible with the spirit of the place and the way it operates.


Use of the equipment at Mazeh 9 depends on availability and in some cases entails an additional charge:

  • Projector and screen – NIS 150
  • Sound system – NIS 100
  • Erasable whiteboard – free of charge
  • Chairs – free of charge
  • Tables – free of charge
  • Hot water urn – free of charge
  • Table for refreshments – free of charge