The Machreshot

During exam periods, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality offers students pleasant and comfortable study spaces free of charge, including Wi-Fi and coffee. Students who live in the city and are looking for a place to study on their own or in groups because their apartment is too small, their roommate is making faces, or the prices at the cafes are tough on their pocket are welcome to join.

Life Itself

A lecture series designed to help all the young adults in the city who want to manage their finances better by getting their heads and wallets in order. The lecture series is run in cooperation with Shviley Ofek, a nonprofit organization that makes information about personal finance management more accessible to young adults.

Urban Innovation Interns Program

A flagship program of the Young Adults Unit, whose aim is to integrate young adults into local government. The interns are assigned to various departments at City Hall, where they develop and advance innovative projects dealing with different topics. In the course of the program, the interns gain hands-on experience relevant to their fields of specialization. They also attend workshops and lectures delivered by prominent professionals where they learn about the inner workings of the public sector. The internships include a brief training period, study sessions and going to meetings with senior staff at the Municipality. The program is intended for Tel Aviv-Yafo residents who have a B.A. degree or are in the last year of their degree or are M.A. students in any field at any academic institution.

Temporary Use of Vacant Buildings

This municipal project began in October 2015 as a joint undertaking of the Strategic Planning Unit at the Engineering Administration and the Young Adults Unit. The idea behind the project is to utilize empty buildings and lots in Tel Aviv-Yafo, which can draw undesirable and even criminal activity because they have been unoccupied for a number of years, for short-term community and social initiatives.

Putting these empty spaces into temporary use revitalizes the city, meets immediate needs of its residents and communities, and facilitates experimentation with new ideas, some of which may lack economic feasibility but make a meaningful social contribution.

The project is currently underway and we’ll keep you informed.