As part of the support extended to the young adult community in the city, Mazeh 9 offers various spaces that can be rented for meetings, events and programs. Residents who work on their own and wish to use a space can do so free of charge in accordance with the building rules and regulations. We also host various nonprofits and businesses that want to hold events in downtown Tel Aviv in a historic building and in a youthful and dynamic atmosphere.

Nonprofit organizations

Mazeh 9 supports and promotes all kinds of social action, which includes allowing nonprofit organizations to rent rooms in the building at a subsidized cost. That way every nonprofit can rent a room in downtown Tel Aviv in ideal conditions and in a youthful atmosphere. Reflecting our desire to support recently-formed nonprofits, those which have been operating less than a year are entitled to use rooms in the building free of charge.

The fee is for a three-hour rental

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