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Consultation with a lawyer

Does something in the lease look suspicious?

Are you having problems with the landlord?

Are you unsure about your rights as tenants?

Come and see us for a personal and subsidized consultation with a lawyer that will set things straight!


Tel V'Kach

You have a shelf that you’re dying to put up and everything’s on hold because of a screwdriver? We’ve got just the solution for you! “Tel V’Kach” is Tel Aviv-Yafo’s community equipment library where you can borrow tools, camping equipment, pet accessories and lots more. It’s a convenient and easy-to-use service that saves both money and space in your apartment.


"Yesh Makom" project

Enables you to rent rooms, halls, classrooms and other venues throughout Tel Aviv-Yafo for various purposes at discounted prices.


Artists in the city

  1. An RFP for artists in the city who want to receive support for their works from the Municipality.

Parking permit

Tel Aviv-Yafo residents are entitled to a neighborhood parking permit. The parking permit, which is free of charge, is delivered to your home by courier within 3 business days of the Municipality’s approval of your request. Make sure to attach all the needed documents to your request.


Veterinary services

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality offers a wide range of services to dog and cat owners and to those who intend to be. On this page, you’ll find everything you wanted to know about dogs – adopting a dog in the city, vaccinations and licenses, and the dog registration database. And also about cats – adoption, neutering and spaying stray cats, treating injured and sick cats.


Pest control and prevention

Mosquitoes in the summertime are a nightmare! Rats and mice are never fun, not to mention fire ants. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could help you with that? Our website offers tips about how to prevent these infestations as well as the name of someone to contact. If truth be told, we sincerely hope that you’ll never need this information.


Picnic areas

You’ve decided to do something for yourself today and are replacing your coffee shop with a spot in nature? We’re excited for you and so is the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, which has put together a list of places where you can barbecue and have a campfire. So, all that’s left is to buy the skewers and the marshmallows. A tip from us – to make the perfect marshmallow, turn the skewer continuously and the marshmallow will be roasted on the outside and creamy on the inside.


Community gardens

This is definitely one of the loveliest opportunities that the Municipality offers. So, if you’re into starting a community garden here in Tel Aviv-Yafo, City Hall wants to help you do it. And if you’re only interested in having a look – there is also a list of active gardens in the city.


The Lounge

The Lounge at Mazeh 9 is a space for creators, entrepreneurs and producers who are advancing projects that have an impact on life in Tel Aviv-Yafo – in the fields of culture, society and community.



A Composter for Every Resident

The municipal composting program enables residents to buy composters at subsidized prices, which they can use to easily and efficiently separate their household organic waste. By doing so, they reduce the amount of household waste that reaches landfills, encourage recycling and help create a greener city.


Municipal libraries

One of best kept secrets in the city. There are many libraries throughout Tel Aviv-Yafo that provide a wide and diverse range of services – book lending, study nooks, storytelling hours, and even an eBook library. Do yourselves a favor and find out ASAP where the library closest to your home is located. We guarantee that your life will improve.



The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality offers tons of sports facilities to its residents, deployed in various centers around the city. There are multiple locations and the prices are affordable, so all that’s left is to go for it.


Opening a business in the city

For the entrepreneurs among us – all the information you need to know about opening a business in the city. Good luck!


Rehearsal rooms for actors

Mazeh 9 allows actors to hold rehearsals in the building free of charge. The Enav Cultural Center also has rehearsal rooms you can use. For more information, please contact Tomer: 03-724-4785.