A Few Technical Details

  • Use of The Lounge includes a workspace, Wi-Fi, access to conference rooms, a coffee corner and kitchenette, a printer and fax machine – yeah, you read right: a fax machine.
  • Use of The Lounge is intended for young adults who are advancing projects and initiatives that have to do with culture, community and society in Tel Aviv-Yafo.
  • To determine if your interests are a good fit with The Lounge, you’ll be asked to come in and meet with the project coordinator in order to clarify mutual expectations.
  • Use of The Lounge during the first three months is free. Following the trial period, use of The Lounge will entail a nominal fee whose amount will be posted at a later date.
  • In total, use of The Lounge is limited to a period of nine months.
  • Mazeh 9 is open Sunday to Thursday from 9 am to 10 pm and The Lounge can be used throughout the day. The Center is closed on Friday and Saturday and on holidays.

What will you need to give in exchange?

  • A commitment to use the work space at least three times a week
  • A commitment to attend a monthly meeting of all The Lounge users
  • Should you choose to continue using The Lounge after the trial period, it will entail a subsidized monthly fee which is earmarked for advancing programs and activities for young adults in the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo. The amount of the monthly fee will be posted at a later date.