More young adults centers

Yefet 83

Yefet 83 – the young adults center in Yafo – was opened by the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality for the purpose of providing young adults with tools needed for their development and success.

Yefet 83 is a hub for community action and social initiatives and helps young adults get ahead in their education, careers and personal development. The center has a public salon, a common area where people can study or work all week long, a kitchen, and other spaces where activities, workshops and events can be held.

So what do they actually do at Yefet 83?

Based on research that was conducted among young adults in Yafo, higher education and employment are the key challenges facing young adults living in the area. Consequently, Yefet 83 focuses on providing information, counseling, and guidance in choosing study or career tracks. The center also offers tools that facilitate job market integration, extends placement assistance, and helps open up employment options for young adults.

All of the above are in addition to programs that empower the community and encourage entrepreneurship, as well as enrichment, cultural and recreational activities. The building also has a common area where people can study or work all week long.

The activities and services offered at Yefet 83 include:

  • Higher education counseling and scholarships starting from high school age

  • Subsidized psychometric exam prep courses

  • “Machreshot” – special study spaces during exam periods

  • Individual employment coaching and counseling

  • Workshops, courses, lectures and activities dealing with higher education, entrepreneurship and personal development

  • Spoken Arabic courses for beginners

⃰ Some of the on-site services are provided in cooperation with programs run by other organizations: Rowad, Hesegim, and PresenTense’s Made in Jaffa.



Vardiel 17

This young adults center in southern Tel Aviv is located in the Hatikva neighborhood. Its programs focus on three main areas:

Social and community entrepreneurship

We believe that young people have the power to change things and have an impact on their surroundings. Accordingly, Vardiel 17 offers various programs that aim to provide young adults from southern Tel Aviv with tools that can be used to impact the neighborhood and city they live in.

Do you have an idea for an initiative that can produce community or social benefit? Come and see us and together we’ll try and give it wings.

Young and local culture

Hatikva, the neighborhood we are located in, has a rich cultural history.

Vardiel 17 provides a stage for diverse cultural content and also helps promote and develop young and local culture.

Here at Vardiel, you can create, listen to, see, present and enjoy cultural content that is local, young and relevant.

Additionally, if you’re looking for an unassuming place to get together and spend a few hours of your time, you can always come to our open space or roof and enjoy one the beautiful spots in the area.

Follow our Facebook page to keep abreast of the center’s events.

Individual and life skills coaching

If you’re a young adult from southern Tel Aviv and are at a crossroads in your life, we could be of assistance.

At Vardiel 17, we provide counseling services and other programs dealing with higher education, scholarships, employment, rights, financial matters, and more.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a discharged soldier, young parent, student, self-employed or work for someone else, or are simply trying to find yourself, we may be able to help, offer guidance and be there for you at this juncture.

HaKeshet 49

HaKeshet 49 is the new young adults center that serves the Shapira and Kiryat Shalom neighborhoods. It was opened after working with young adults in those neighborhoods for four years.

HaKeshet 49 is open Sunday to Tuesday from 10 am to 9 pm. You can come here to study, work and meet people. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, we offer individual counseling sessions.

Community involvement

HaKeshet 49 is a hub for community initiatives in the two neighborhoods. The events and activities held at the center are jointly run with young adults from the neighborhoods and with the local leadership programs that operate there. A group of young adults is currently being formed, whose members will be regularly involved in developing the activities and events at HaKeshet 2 and in promoting local community initiatives.

Career and personal development coaching

There are counseling sessions offered by Hesegim (a national program that promotes higher education), as well as career counseling that is provided by Hizdamnut, the municipal employment center.

At HaKeshet 49, you can receive advice about higher education, including guidance about what to study, scholarships, and completing requirements for a matriculation diploma. The employment counseling we offer includes tips on how to write a resume, job hunting assistance, and preparing for interviews. HaKeshet 2 also runs the Yeted program, which offers counseling sessions to young adults who want in get ahead in life in a variety of spheres.

The Library

The Library, located in the Shalom Tower, is a space for urban innovation that was established by the Young Adults Unit. The Library hosts technology-related events whose focus is on improving the quality of life in the city.

If you are developing a solution to urban challenges, come and take your first steps with us and receive backing from the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality.

Do you dream about solving the traffic jams in Tel Aviv? Do you believe you can streamline bureaucratic processes in the city? Are you designing a groundbreaking resource-sharing app? The Library will help you grow. Those who meet the criteria can receive a workspace in the most central location in Tel Aviv for a nominal monthly fee of NIS 300 per seat.

Connections at the Municipality – we will open doors for you at the relevant City Hall departments so you can collaborate with them, get feedback about your product, share information layers, receive marketing assistance, and even create pilot projects.

A professional shell – including workshops with professionals, advice from content experts, meetings with people at City Hall, and networking events between entrepreneurs and the Municipality and, of course, a terrific and friendly community of entrepreneurs.

Want to join us? Please send us an email (: